Product Introduction

ADM TYPE(Non-woven Depth Filter)
HMI TYPE (Melt-blown Depth Filter)
Excellent chemical compatibility and high particle capture capacity.
Nominal filtering rate.
ADM TYPE(Non-woven Depth Filter)



Electronics, Chemical, Food & Beverage, General industrial process.

 - 100% silicon-free polypropylene media with FDA certificate

 - Excellent chemical endurance

 - High filtering capacity


Filtering rate : 0.5 ~ 100 micron


HMI TYPE (Melt-blown Depth Filter)



Chemical, Food & Beverage, General industrial process

 - Melt-blown polypropylene multi-layer

 - Thermal bonded, nominal filtering rate


Filtering rate : 1 ~ 100 micron








* Please contact Customer Service for other specification of Depth cartridge filter