Product Introduction

Ring type filterbag for liquid filtration
Kajika meets the requirements of various cutomer's application by supplying many kinds of filterbags made of polypropylene, polyester and nylon.

Ring type filterbag for liquid filtration


Construction and Function of Filterbag

■Design and Sewing for customer convenience

We sew filter material and reverse it so that the sewn part shoud be inside.

Therefore when the customer use, any thread or fragment does not flow into the process.


■Large diameter of filterbag

FALA filter bag's diameter is larger than the diameter of ring.

That means the filterbag is not tightened in the basket, which reduces the tension of the thread and

reduces the pressure which applies inside the filterbag.


■Bypass-free ring type filterbag

By sewing specially, FALA ring type bagfilter solved the problem of height difference around ring which results from 


When used in new type filter housing, it makes sure no bypass without reducing the filtration surface.





Nominal Filtration Rate

 FALA filterbag uses "Nominal Filtration Rate" for its filtering rate. Nylon monofilament has square pore structutre but some particles

which are long, or ununiform shape can not be catched by the mesh. NMO normally has 80% of filtering efficiency.

In case more efficiency is required, use small micron rate filterbag, for exmaple if you need to filter 10-15 micron with high efficiency, then

use 5 micron rate filterbag.



Kajika filter filtration system

■Depth filtration with long life

kajika depth filterbag has 3 dimenssional needle punch structure with high pore capacity. It has high efficiency and long life compared to

general needle punch filterbag. It has sintering treatment on its outer surface preventing immigration of contaminat.


■Surface filtration

FALA mono filament mesh filter has thermal bond structure providing strong construction and no immigration of fiber.

The filtration range is 15 - 800micron. PE, PP is available when requested.




■Product Code


액체 1.JPG


* Standard NMO bag 15-200micron is reinforced with nonwoven when the code has no "N" 




 ■Nominal filtration rate액체 2.JPG




* Please contact Customer Service for other specification of Filter Bag